Backwards Star Galactica: A New Podquest from Your Favorite Idiots

WildersPodcast.jpgArt by Adam Fay

From the creators of some of your favorite content such as “In The (Fro)Zone” and “Various Other Incomplete Projects” comes a brand new heap of nonsense for you to consume. “Backwards Star Galactica” is exactly what it sounds like: Two lovable scamps (us) watch a very confusing television show that they know literally nothing about (Battlestar Galactica) in reverse chronological order (starting with the series finale and ending at the pilot). Basically, we’ll do our best to piece together the highly convoluted plot of this nearly 15 year old program. Just when you thought we couldn’t get any dumber!

The first four episodes have already dropped, so you can crank through a whole mess of these things all at once, and new episodes will be released weekly. Finally, something to cram in that (Fro)Zone shaped hole we left in your heart all those years ago.

Backwards Star Galactica can be found on iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio and wherever else you nasty boyz and nasty girlz get dem podcast fixins.

2 thoughts on “Backwards Star Galactica: A New Podquest from Your Favorite Idiots

  1. A little late to the party, but your podcast is hilarious! Nice work dudes. I convinced my friend to do a Battlestar podcast, but we’re watching in the forward order….it’s not nearly as funny. I brought up your podcast in ours, but my friend can’t listen yet, obviously because of spoilers.


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