Jesse and Wilder’s Guide to Life: The Podcast

Photo Nov 14, 4 17 58 PM

Art by Adam Fay

After over a year of what could only be described as “an objectively bad idea for a bunch of content nobody asked for or desired in any capacity,” the B*Star Boyz have finally escaped the monkey’s paw curse they wished upon themselves and are prepared to deliver you a fresh new concept that promises to be the least dumb thing we have done in a very long time.

The creators of In The (Fro)Zone and Backwards Star Galactica bring you Jesse and Wilder’s Guide to Life, a podcast that reverse engineers rubrics for all of your (see: our) favorite things, because there’s nothing better than turning something fun that you love into data to be scrutinized! The titular Jesse and Wilder, along with the occasional expert guest (for real, like, actual experts) break down topics such as holiday parties, road trips, and the perfect Saturday  in order to find what exactly makes them Very Quite Lit™. Each week we will post the rubric we created here on this very active and professional blog.  

The first two episodes have already dropped, so you can get your fix now, with new episodes being released every Tuesday. Please listen responsibly.

Jesse and Wilder’s Guide to Life can be found on iTunes and wherever else you big freaks get your listen on. Nasty.

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