Jesse and Wilder’s Guide to Life: The Podcast

Art by Adam Fay After over a year of what could only be described as “an objectively bad idea for a bunch of content nobody asked for or desired in any capacity,” the B*Star Boyz have finally escaped the monkey’s paw curse they wished upon themselves and are prepared to deliver you a fresh new concept … More Jesse and Wilder’s Guide to Life: The Podcast

Food-Pairing Tournament: The Chompionship Match

  End of the line, folks. We’re here. 32 teams fought valiantly (except Carrots & Peas, cause like, whatever) to be here. Only two remain. Behold, The Chompionship Match.     Matchup:  Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup vs. Cheese & Crackers Winner:  Cheese & Crackers Notes:  Despite the fact that we have found ourselves in a … More Food-Pairing Tournament: The Chompionship Match